Transmedia Storytelling 8.01.2015


Transmedia: a narrative that extends beyond multiple media forms that also plays to the strength those forms; may or may not be interactive(teachthought. 31.08.2013) 

Transmedia to me is a source of digital story telling which can keep the students minds active and thinking by watching short clips and listening to the narrative or reading short novels. I think this is great for learning as I believe this can keep the students mind active and let them interact there ideas with other class members as well as teachers, and not get distracted with old terms of learning which include the old blackboard, white board and overhead projector,  and the teacher teaching the class and writing notes on the blackboard to copy. Short movies with burst of colours can keep the student thinking and learning for a longer period of time. When I was a student the only digital source of transmeadia I had was with emailing, MSN messenger and google.

Transmedia can come in many different forms, including letters, novels, magazines, emails, paintings, videos, and countless other forms can be considered media.(teachthought31.082013) Sites that can be found on the internet to help with creating transmedia are storify,, pinterst, wordle, and Powtoon. These sites can be used to create digital teaching resources to help teachers teach there students in a digital way with short burst of learning to help keep the students attention to help them learn their work better.

I feel my children will have a better education than I ever received when I attended school as the world is becoming more digital as we speak.   With this, teachers learn newer and better ways to teach students. I feel transmeadia plays a big role in the classroom these days and will help students learn as many students lack engagement with traditional books and learning.(edutopia 26.08.2011)


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