Trusted Digital Identity 09/03/2015



Digital identity is online information we supply to create accounts like Facebook, eBay, and dating sites we use our personal information to create these usernames the information we use is Full names, date of birth, address, and our email address this information in all stored in cyberspace.(techopediaTM,ca 2016) The next question would be how safe is our information and how well are we using digital security.

Digital Security is how we protect our identity in cyberspace just like our physical identity our cyber identity needs protecting as well.(gemalto,n.d.) Once your information goes one the internet there will always be a trace of the information left behind no matter how hard we try and clean it up this can be cause by people sharing the information or re posting the source so it is always good to protect your information.  And how do we do that you may ask, the best way we can protect our information is with online security some security software like trend, can protect all you usernames and passwords. We live in such a digital world these days we need to use security to protect our information like our bank logins as the world has become more digital a lot more people are turning to the internet to use the equipment that is on offer.

I think its really important for students to beware of digital identity and security in and out of the classroom as the world is becoming more and more digital each day younger children are using the internet every day and with out this knowledge they could  be putting them self in danger as well as there family not every person appears to be who they say they are on the other end of the internet so it  is really important we teach children from a young age to keep them safe from the sick world we live in.


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