What is a digital world?

digital world
The Digital World 2016

So far in my studies I have learned that the world is now a very digital place. Classrooms now teach students with smart boards and no longer have blackboards . When I grew up the world was not as digital as it is now. When I was in primary school we only had two computers in our classrooms that had to accommodate the 24 to 30 students in my class so you would be lucky to get a go on the computer once a week.

The digital world has it’s advantages and disadvantageous we can now teach students with digital resources, make short video clips and online posters with the technology in the classroom, these days we can display all these materials with a click of a button. When I was in primary school the closest digital learning I came across was the teacher wheeling in a old square box television with a VCR attached to watch a short movie or clip. My opinion on the advantages of the digital world would be displaying information quick and easy to the students and being able keep their attention with short clips or posters with burst of colours. The disadvantage would be some student are not very familiar with digital devices as there parents may not be able to afford these items at home and they might feel disadvantaged as the other student know how to use computers iPad’s and other digital devices and they have them at home.  This is known as digital divide(Howell 2012)

In years to come I will become a teacher when I finish my studies and I feel that our generation will be privileged to teach in a digital world as education is getting more advanced as each year goes by than it ever has been in the past.


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Minisoft. (2016). The Digital World [Image]. Retrieved from http://www.minisoftinc.com/the-digital-world-has-infused-with-the-physical-world/





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